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A Unique Bookcase Perfect for Any Space

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This is a really neat bookcase that would work in any space. I can see it built as a pair flanking a regular bookcase - they would resemble bookends! At any rate, the DIY plans to build a Henry Bookcase are really easy, quick, and quite inexpensive thanks to the use of straight off-the-shelf lumber. [...]

Build a Massima Bookcase

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I built a bookcase similar to this one for myself many years ago. It was actually one of my first woodworking projects and I still have it! I used 1x6 lumber and painted it a bright turquoise. The DIY plans for a Massima bookcase use 1x12 lumber but really any width can be used and [...]

Build a Cutaway Shelving Unit

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This shelving unit is another quick and easy project using straight off-the-shelf lumber. The DIY plans for the Cutaway shelving unit are constructed using glue and brad nails, though pocket holes can be used, if desired. The shelving unit features a base frame, and casters can be added to it for portability! 1-1/4" pocket hole screws 1-1/4" brad [...]

Build a Truman Shelving Unit

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Need shelving and want something other than a plain bookcase? The Truman shelving unit plans are for you! Super simple to construct using off-the-shelf lumber, the shelving unit has a very modern vibe with plenty of storage. The shelving unit can be assembled using pocket hole screws or countersunk screws, which makes it a great [...]