How to Make a Teacup Bird Feeder

An Easy to Make Bird Feeder Using Old Dishes

This project was made by my bestie, Evonne, whom I’ve known basically forever! We met when we worked at Taco Bell many years ago and have been friends ever since!

Evonne & Cher (1987)
Evonne & Cher (1987)

Anyway, she created this really cute outdoor accessory using old dishes and I asked her to share the directions. So without further adieu, here she is to share a tutorial on how to make a teacup bird feeder!

I purchased a set of diamond burr bits (which included 20 of them!) from Harbor Freight Tools for this project. (A similar set can be purchased here <– affiliate link!)

bird 2

bird 3

I purchased this salad bowl, tea cup, and saucer at the local Goodwill thrift shop for $1.47 OTD (out the door)!

bird 4

Next, I marked the larger piece in three spots on the bottom surface using a Sharpie™.  I “eyeballed” it, but you can measure the circumference and mark three spots equally spaced around the edge (about 1/8” from the edge).  Next, I placed the smaller saucer over the bowl and marked three spots using the marks on the bowl as a guide.

bird 5

I used a recycled 5qt plastic ice cream container with an old hand towel placed in the bottom and filled with about 3” of water.  The hand towel absorbs water and acted as a cushion for the bowl/saucer during the drilling process.  Water is necessary to keep the drill bit cool and acts as a lubricant as well.  With the rim of the bowl submerged in water, I started to drill at an angle (almost parallel) about 1/16” proximal to the mark and slowly moved into a perpendicular position for the remainder of the drilling process.

bird 6

My first hole!  YAY!  I continued to drill the remaining 5 holes successfully using the same method as the first.

bird 7

Next I used a single jack chain (<– affiliate link! – 20 ft) that I purchased for $10.00 at the local hardware store.  The chain was ten feet long and there was enough to make two bird feeders.  You will need three segments that are 5” long and three segments that are 12” long.

bird 8

Using my pliers, I separated the first 5” segment and used it as a guide to measure and separate the remaining two 5” segments.  I used this method for the three 12” segments as well.  Next, I took apart seven (7) links so that I could carefully weave them through the holes and connect the chains accordingly.  (I forgot to take pictures of this step because it was a trial and error situation LOL).  I connected the longer 12” segments to the smaller saucer and then brought them all together and used the last link to connect them all together at the top.  I, then, connected the 5” chain segments to the bottom of the small saucer and the salad bowl below. I used both pliers during the entire process for stability and to be extra careful not to put any strain on the dishes.

bird 9

I used the almighty E-6000 to glue the cup to the saucer making sure that the cup handle was placed between two of the chains.  It takes about 12 hours to dry completely, so I hung it up and let the process begin!

bird 10

And Voila!  Here it is, my cute little Bird Feeder!  I am going to add water to the cup so that the birds can take a bath after they are done eating (or before)!

bird 11

How cool is that?? I think I have a few old dishes laying around and I really want to make this! I love it – thank you, Evonne!

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  • Thank you Cher for sharing my project! I feel honored to be featured as a guest on your site! This was a fun project, but pales in comparison to the beautiful work that you do! You were my inspiration twenty-five years ago and you are today as well! I am very happy creating! 🙂

    • CherTexter says:

      Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! I think you did an awesome job and hope we can “collaborate” again soon! xoxoxo

  • JDaniel4's Mom says:

    This is really cute! What a great way to reuse a cup and saucer!

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