How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware

Lazy Susan Hardware is Easier to Install Than You Think

Lazy Susans are great for corner cabinets, spice cabinets, pantries, or even for desk accessories. Lazy Susan hardware installation is a whole different ball game… The instructions on the package are usually not very helpful. The first time I tried to install Lazy Susan hardware, I think I read the instructions ten times and still didn’t get it. I’m going to do my best to take the mystery and frustration out of it, and show you step by step how to install Lazy Susan hardware!

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Featured


Step One

In this example, I am making a desk organizer so I cut two circles out of MDF, one larger than the other. The Lazy Susan hardware is comprised of two metal frames with ball bearings in between that allow the frames to move independent of each other. One frame has one hole in each corner and the other frame has two holes in each corner. I’m not sure why one has two holes in each corner because the larger holes are not even used.

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_MDF Circles

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Frame

Step Two

Place the hardware on the circle that will be the top. Center the hardware with the frame that has two holes in each corner facing down on the material, and mark the position of the smaller holes. Set the hardware off to the side, then drill countersunk holes in each of the marks on the circle.

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Mark Holes

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Countersunk Holes

Step Three

Position the hardware on the piece being used as a base. This may be a cabinet shelf or in my case, an MDF circle smaller than the top. Center the hardware with the frame that has one hole in each corner, and drive the screws through the holes into the base piece.

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Secure to Base

Step Four

Place a screw through one of the countersunk holes in the top piece with the Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom – the frame with two holes in each corner will face to the underside of the top. Drive the screw through the top into one of the smaller holes in the frame. Insert a second screw into another of the countersunk holes in the top and line up the frame to drive the screw. This may be a tad tricky but once a second screw is in place, the remaining screws will be lined up.

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Side View

How to Install Lazy Susan Hardware_Finished

That’s it! Have any questions about how to install Lazy Susan hardware? Leave a comment below!


  • Diana Watts Walters says:

    Thanks so much! I think I can actually do it now!!

    • CherTexter says:

      Thank you, Diana, I’m so glad!! I was so frustrated with the package instructions which prompted the writing of this tutorial! Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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  • SweetPea4Ev says:

    Hi. I’m BRAND NEW to lazy susan bearings and would like to know if there is a specific tool or drill bit I need to drill a ‘countersunk’ hole? Thank you SO MUCH for any response.

  • Catie says:

    What did the final product look like? Eagle-eye view of it?
    What are the major issues with something like this that you have to have it perfectly centered?

  • Mary Chenault says:

    Do you fill in the countersunk holes with wood glue after attaching?

  • Truth says:

    After thorough searching, I found this site, and boy am I glad I did. I wanted to make a spin station for painting and searching you tube, and even reading the instructions, I too didn’t find it any easier to assemble. You saved the day. Many instructions say to use a metal self-tapping screw for the smaller hole, (unnecessary), just use wood screws, if you’re using wood, otherwise use the screw appropriate for material top you’re using. Also to save expense you can use a drill bit slightly larger than the head of the screw to counter-sink a hole.

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