Weekend Painting Projects

5 Fast Painting Projects That Can Be Done in a Weekend

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One of the most effective ways you can get a fast and inexpensive update to your home is with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re not ready to devote the time and energy it takes to get your entire interior or exterior repainted, consider having some smaller painting projects around the house done instead. If you want a new change to your home in as little as a weekend, here are 5 fast painting projects that can be done in a weekend.


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Create a Dramatic Accent Wall
Instead of spending effort and money on repainting an entire room, try adding a colorful accent wall to spice it up a bit. Pick a spot that you want to help bring even more attention to. You can even change the perception of the room’s space by focusing your color choice on one wall. Certain color families may make a room appear larger or smaller because of depth perception and color. Warmer colors may make a room feel more cozy, while cooler colors could add the illusion of space.

Give an Old Piece of Furniture New Life
Another easy weekend project to tackle has to do with your furniture pieces. Find something secondhand, and give it new life with a fresh coat of color. Be sure to select items that have solid and sturdy structure. Items made of solid wood from the last few decades are the easiest to work with. Don’t worry about its current design scheme, since you can create something new and fabulous in no time.

Refresh the Trim in Each Room
The trim along your most trafficked rooms is probably due for an update. Dust and everyday wear and tear may have made your room’s trim dingy and uninspired. You can instantly brighten rooms if you have the molding along the floors and ceilings repainted. That way your rooms can look newer and fresher in a little bit of time.


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Use an Advanced Brush Technique
A weekend time frame is another way to look for fast project opportunities that elevate your room’s look. One project that could be an effective add-on to your home’s design is having your walls painted with advanced brush techniques, such as stenciling or sponge painting. These designs can be easily added to your walls by professional home painters, such as Crash of Rhinos Painting, and give you something unique to feature in your space.

Update the Entrance to Your Home
The last quick update for a weekend of painting could be to focus on your front door. As one of the most important focal points in your home, your entrance door is a great place to make a statement. Start with the color of your siding or exterior, and choose a shade that either pops in dramatic opposition or complements the look. Then, when guests arrive at your home, they can have something to talk about.


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Get your home ready to impress by considering some easy weekend painting jobs. Have your painting contractors help you with these simple tasks that can wow you and your family. These 5 fast painting projects that can be done in a weekend won’t cost you much in terms of money or time spent, but they may help you fall in love all over again with your home’s look.

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