Vinyl Tile – An Inexpensive and Beautiful Flooring Option

Installing Vinyl Tile with Grout

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Take a good look at this photo…


What material do you think the flooring is made from? Would you believe me if I told you it was vinyl? Yes, vinyl! Vinyl flooring has certainly come a long way. It no longer looks cheap, nor is it available in Harvest Gold, or full of asbestos. It is available in many styles and patterns from White Travertine tiles (which we used in the photos for this article) to Gun Stock Oak planks, all of it looking very realistic. We installed vinyl tile in the Rebel house and that particular type could be installed with grout! Yes, grout! I’ll share a few tips on installing vinyl tile with grout.


Vinyl is very economical and easy to apply. They are self-adhesive and some of the tiles available can be grouted with vinyl tile grout for an even more high-end look. Seriously! It can be laid over plywood, concrete, or existing vinyl. It is also very easy to replace if a tile is damaged – just heat the adhesive with a heat gun or hair dryer, then remove the damaged tile. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Use a Primer

There are also floor primers available specifically for vinyl tile. It is recommended to apply the primer to the surface first as it helps keep the tiles in place and prevent lifting. The primer is rolled on and left to dry.


Cutting the Tiles

The tiles are so easy to cut as needed! Use a straight edge and a box cutter, score a line then snap it back. Voila! Yep, it is that easy!

Using Grout

If the tiles are groutable (this will be indicated on the packaging), use a grout specifically for vinyl tile. The grout will dry but still remain flexible for expansion and contraction of the flooring. Using the wrong grout (an acrylic grout, for example) will result in damaged tiles, bubbles, lifting, etc. because the grout cannot move with the vinyl.


Buy a Little More Than You Need

It is always good to have a few extras on hand, just in case! Also, if a complicated pattern is being used when laying the tile (diamond, subway tile, etc.) some pieces will have to be cut. Unopened boxes can always be returned to the store.

Take Your Time and Do It Right

While installing self-adhesive vinyl tile is quick and easy, proper preparation will result in tiles that will last quite a long time!


So the next time you are in the market for new flooring, take a look at the vinyl tile and try your hand at installing vinyl tile with grout. Who knows, you may find something you like! Any questions? Contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!


  • vinma

    I would definitely consider vinyl if it is reasonably priced and worth for the money spend. Great information Cher.

    • CherTexter

      I have it in most areas of my house and love it! Thanks for stopping by, Vinma!

  • Who new vinyl could look this good?

    • CherTexter

      Thanks, Elle! We used it in the house we are renovating and it looks fabulous!

  • LindySez

    Vinyl is easy to clean and it has certainly come a long way baby!

  • I had no idea that vinyl could be grouted! Thanks for this post! I currently have carpet in our basement, but I’m looking for other options.

  • This is what I want to do! This is what I want to do! I had no idea you could use grout!

    K, can you tell I’m excited?

  • I am such a freak, I bought a large sheet and just placed it on my living room floor like a carpet. Too lazy to fix it permanently. I love that it can be simply washed off!

    • CherTexter

      LOL, Vidya! That is probably what I would do in my own home!

  • Cole Nemeth

    This flooring looks beautiful! Love that it’s vinyl, looks easy enough to install, which I also love!

    • CherTexter

      Thank you so much! It came out so great – I still can’t believe it is vinyl! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Daphne Michelle Eble-Beczynski

    Love this! I just put hardwood floors down and it was a pain!

    • CherTexter

      I’ve never laid hardwood floors, myself, but have heard it is not the most fun job! The vinyl tile is easy to install and easy to replace. Thank you for stopping by!!

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