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How to Create Cabinet Door Memo Boards

It is hard to believe that back to school is just around the corner! My son will be entering his second third year of college (and has a crazy-busy schedule!) and I wanted to create something that would help him organize his assignments, activities, and work schedule. I decided to create these cabinet door memo boards for him and his roommate!

cabinet door memo board DSCF1843 copy2

I found these cabinet doors at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1 each. They were the perfect size for the memo boards.

cabinet door memo board DSCF1807

I used a grey chalk paint to paint each of the doors.

For the smaller door, I wanted to create a weekly calendar for the guys to list their weekly activities. I measured the length of the door (19″) then divided it into seven segments – one for each day of the week. I cut “stripes” and circles with the letter for each day of the week, and adhered it to the dry erase vinyl. I measured the width across the door (13-1/2″). Since the vinyl is only 12″ wide, I drew a line the length of the cabinet door in order to line up the dry erase vinyl. (I purchased the vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.)

cabinet door memo board DSCF1837

cabinet door memo board DSCF1846

For each of the longer doors, I used dry erase vinyl on one, and chalk board vinyl on the other. I also cut “stripes” for each, plus a copy of the school mascot. I also drew lines to line up the vinyl on each door.

cabinet door memo board DSCF1847 copy

cabinet door memo board DSCF1845

On the last narrow door, I added “stripes”, a copy of the mascot, wire cups, and clips for the guys to store the markers for the boards as well as phones, and keys.

cabinet door memo board DSCF1844

I used two soda can tabs and picture hanging wire to create a hanger for the back of each door.

cabinet door memo board DSCF1854

cabinet door memo board DSCF1855

Voila! The perfect memo boards to help keep the guys organized so (hopefully!!) they won’t miss any assignments!

cabinet door memo board DSCF1843 copy

These cabinet door memo boards are perfect for keeping anyone organized and they can be customized to match any decor! Have any questions about creating Cabinet Door Memo Boards? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2014-07-15 09:00:24.

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