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October 2012


Build a Custom Cabinet Part 1

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Building a custom cabinet can be intimidating for someone who is new to DIY and woodworking. I know that when [...]

Build Easy Serving Trays

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These trays will be perfect for serving up fabulous food to your guests! The free plans to build Frontgate Inspired Ellington [...]

How to Repurpose a Food Package into a Pretty Container


We have a new addition to the family - a sweet beagle named Pokey. We had his treats stored in [...]

Free Plans to Build a Seventh Ave Inspired X Etagere


  Today's plans are super-easy and super-inexpensive! This would be a great shelf to organize your space and it would [...]

How to Make Halloween Lanterns


Last week, my cousin posted a picture on Facebook of Halloween lanterns made by her girls. I thought they were [...]

Critters, Pests, and Creepy Crawlies – Oh My!


Living in the country, we see all kinds of pests and critters. My son is deathly afraid of spiders. My [...]