Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent

Keeping the Attic Cool with an Electric Vent

Several years ago, my dad and I installed an electric roof vent where an old plastic roof vent used to be. Let me tell you, that vent really helps keep the power bill down by removing a majority of the heat in the attic therefore keeping the air conditioner from working so hard in really hot weather. The only drawback is that the motors are oil-less and eventually the bearings dry out causing the motor to stop working. I was able to find a replacement motor and replacing the motor in an electric roof vent is very, very easy! Let me show you…

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent

The new motor (<– affiliate link!) has a capacitor on it where the old one did not. This means it helps the motor run a bit more efficiently and also helps protect the motor from power inconsistencies.

We started by shutting off the power to the fan. I have mine wired to a switch and shut the power off at the breaker. My dad and I tag-teamed this project – he was inside disconnecting the wiring in the attic, and I was on the roof taking the housing apart to get to the motor.

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent_Housing Removed

I tried to remove the set screw in the collar that hold the fan blades on the post of the motor. The set screw was quite snug but a little WD-40 took care of that!

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent_Set Screw on Fan Blade Collar

I removed the bracket holding the old motor, and secured it to the new motor.

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent_New Motor

I slid the fan blade assembly on the post then secured the set screw.

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent_Fan Blade Assembly

I secured the brackets back into the housing. At this time, my dad was back in the attic connecting the wiring. I stood back – far back – and let him adjust the thermostat so the fan came on…

Replacing the Motor in an Electric Roof Vent_Finished

It worked like a charm! The new motor is much more quiet than the old one, and I was so thrilled at the load it took off of the A/C! Because it had been so hot, the A/C had been running continuously for several hours a day. Now, it doesn’t! Seriously, replacing the motor is that easy!

If your home has an electric roof vent and the motor quits, don’t be afraid to try your hand at replacing the motor in the electric roof vent. It truly is easy and we were finished within an hour! Have any questions? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2015-07-23 08:00:30.

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  • vashthestampede says:

    I know it has been a while, but do you know the type of fan this is? I am looking for one exactly like it. Thanks.

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