How to Make DIY Art with Wallpaper

I saw the coolest wall decor in one of the high-end catalogs. I nearly choked on the price – $299.00!! Granted, the inspiration piece is described as being hand carved and is approximately 79″ long, but wow! I knew I could create something similar for a fraction of the cost!

I had some old door frames I built and never used. I figured they would make great wall art! The wallpaper I used is an awesome embossed and paintable pattern by Martha Stewart. Today, I’ll share my idea on creating this cool, decorative piece!



  • Frame constructed of 1x3s
  • Piece of 1/4″ lauan, Hardboard, or plywood to cover the front of the frame
  • Brad nails or stapler
  • Decorative, paintable wallpaper
  • Spray adhesive
  • Paint & Sponge roller

Let’s get started!

Determine the size of your artwork. Most wallpaper is 20.5″ wide. The frame will need to be at least 2″ to 3″ narrower than the wallpaper to allow for the wallpaper to fold over the edges. Construct the frame as follows:


Cut the 1/4″ material to fit the top of the frame. Glue and nail or staple in place. A thorough sanding isn’t necessary – only sand the rough edges.


Cut the piece of wallpaper and lightly draw trace around the frame so it will be centered. Thoroughly spray the paper with adhesive.

Lay the piece face down on a flat surface and center the frame piece on top of it.

Flip it over and smooth out any air bubbles.

Start folding the sides of the paper over the frame, then fold over to the back.


Secure to the frame with tape or staples.


I chose to leave my artwork unpainted (I’m sure I’ll change my mind later)- it looks more like the inspiration piece!

If you want to paint yours, using a foam roller and paint, lightly paint over the raised parts of the wallpaper. Another idea would be to thoroughly paint the wallpaper, let it dry, then use a contrasting color over the raised parts. Add a sawtooth hanger to the back and enjoy the new artwork you created!


Until next time,

Happy Creating!

P.S. Sorry about some of the pics… I had to move my work table to the shade to avoid sunburn… Again!!


How to Make Art with Wallpaper (Part 2)

Wallpaper is a very versatile material… Well, if it is used in craft and home decor projects other than just covering the walls! There is some really great paintable wallpaper available in all sorts of textures such as linen, stucco, beadboard, damask, and even similar to old ceiling tins!

I saw an art piece similar to this in another high end catalog. It retails for $79.00! I replicated this art piece for nothing. I already had the materials! Do you notice a pattern here? I like to look at these catalogs and replicate the look for much, much less! Think of it this way – I’m trying to give others a way to create designer looks for the home using items already on hand.

Anyway, this is a super-easy, create-in-an-afternoon project!


  • Tin tiles paintable wall paper
  • Scrap of lumber or plywood
  • Paint (Two colors – one for the base and one for the accent)
  • Foam roller
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hanging hardware

Alrighty, then… The “tiles” on the wall paper I had measured approximately 5″ square. So I cut a piece one tile high by five tiles wide – about 5″ x 27″ (the length includes the spacing between the tiles). Then I cut a scrap piece of plywood measuring about 5-1/4″ x 27″.

I sanded the board and painted it white. Then I used spray adhesive to adhere the wallpaper to the board.

Using the sponge roller, roll it into the paint and roll quite a bit of it off. (Lately, I am absolutely obsessed with a Valspar paint color called “Berry Brown”. It is the most awesome shade of magenta!)

Run the roller over the raised edges of the wallpaper very lightly, do not press down! Its obvious that I applied a little more pressure in some parts of the piece than others but I really like the look!


Once the paint is dry, spray the piece to give it a little protection and add the hanger to the back.

Voila!! this piece will add just the right pop of color to my decor!

Until next time,

Happy Creating!