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Make a Wine Bottle Torch


I know, there are tons of sites with this exact same subject. I went to one and thought,"Wow, this is [...]

How to Make a Wine Bottle Stopper with a Drawer Knob


There are some really cool wine bottles out there... I have a plan to use empty wine bottles for holding [...]

How to Build a Rustic Crate and Wine Bottle Lighting


I found these great wood panels at my local home improvement store. They are rustic, rough, and perfect for a [...]

Recycle a Wine Bottle to Make a Fragrance Diffuser


There really are some beautiful wine bottles out there and I just hate to throw them out after enjoying the [...]

How to Make a Lamp with a Liquor Bottle for the Man Cave…

1 comment

A few posts back, I shared instructions on how to make a lamp from a wine bottle... This lamp is [...]

Make a Lamp from a Wine Bottle


This is not the typical 70s wine bottle lamp… There are tons of awesome liquor bottles out there, not that [...]