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A Whimsical Chest of Drawers

– Posted in: Dressers, Plans, Storage

This chest of drawers is constructed by basically building a box that houses each drawer. The boxes are then stacked in either a straight line or offset for a bit of whimsy! The DIY plans to build the Ava Chest of Drawers are really easy to construct and require no drawer slides, though they can [...]

A Large Dresser with Plenty of Drawers

– Posted in: Dressers, Plans, Storage

There is nothing better than a large dresser, right? In my opinion, this dresser is the ultimate! With an open base and clean lines, the DIY plans to build a Serenity dresser are very easy to construct even with all twelve drawers! Though it may take more than one weekend to construct, the Serenity dresser will be [...]

Build a Spring Rose Dresser

– Posted in: Dressers, Plans

In the market for a new dresser? The DIY plans to build a Spring Rose dresser offer six larger drawers for lots of storage! The top two drawer fronts are made to look like four drawers which adds to the charm of this dresser! The Spring Rose dresser is super-easy to construct and is fairly [...]

Build a Drake Chest

– Posted in: Dressers, Plans

This chest is one of those pieces that is so well suited for any room... Featuring ten drawers, the plans to build a Drake chest are really easy plus, there are no drawer slides or handles to install. Just add a coat of paste wax on the bottom of the drawers to help them slide [...]