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January 2013


How to Make a Wine Bottle Stopper with a Drawer Knob


There are some really cool wine bottles out there... I have a plan to use empty wine bottles for holding [...]

Free Plans to Build a Dining Chair (#1)


Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting plans for a few different chairs. The final plan in [...]

How to Make and Use a French Cleat


Does anyone know what a French Cleat is? Basically, a French Cleat consists of two pieces of wood, each with [...]

Free Plans to Build a Napa Style Inspired American Barnwood Island

1 comment

A couple of weeks ago, I published plans for the Napa Style Inspired New American Barnwood Kitchen Island. This version [...]

Home Security Hand in Hand with Home Improvement

1 comment

It is easy to think of home security as something which we only need to think of once. You might [...]

Free Plans to Build a Viva Terra Inspired Elmwood Modular Shelving

1 comment

Today's plans are for a hefty piece of modular shelving. Very rustic looking and functional, this will be an awesome [...]