Things For Which I Am Thankful…

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to share a few things outside of the usual “family, friends, and good health” for which I am thankful.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Two years ago, I answered an “ad” from Rayan Turner at The Design Confidential. She was looking for someone to draw furniture plans for her site. I was already a stalker fan of her site and armed with my degree in Drafting, I applied – thinking I had no chance whatsoever of getting the job. I got it and that is what led me here today! I am still the draftsman for The Design Confidential, and am so thankful Rayan gave me the opportunity to do so!

I am also very thankful for Vanita Cyril at The Strategic Mama. I hired her to redesign DbSC and she has certainly done wonders for me! Not only is she awesome at blog design, but she is also an SEO whiz and has really guided me in making my site better for the readers! She is worth her weight in gold so if you’re in the market for a new blog design or SEO analysis, hit her up! I’d also like to give a shout out to Elle, Rae, Tammy, Elaine, Vinma, Poppy, and Vidya – our “tribe” where I have learned so much about a wide range of interests in the past month! If you have a minute, check out their sites, too. They are really awesome and have lots of wisdom to offer!

I am thankful for Lorrie Winkler at PureBond Plywood. She has been a huge supporter of DIY blogs and offered me the project of a lifetime where I will be creating project plans using PureBond for Home Depot! That is definitely a dream come true! I still pinch myself because I cannot believe it is real!

I am thankful for Matt… Poor Matt. He is featured in quite a few photos demonstrating all of the work which makes it look as if I stand around and take photos all of the time! Sometimes that is true… But he is the best helper I have!

And last but not least – I am thankful for YOU – the readers of this site! It is your comments, requests, and suggestions that keep this site alive! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I will continue to provide plenty of projects for you and hope that you will gain great wisdom from my suggestions and instruction!

Now, pardon me… I’m going to rest up for the turkey coma I plan on entering into tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and may you all have a wonderful day!



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