Help Combat Winter Dryness with a Holmes Smart Humidifier Console, Enabled by WeMo

Holmes Smart Humidifier Console, Enabled by WeMo

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holmes Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

With winter chill comes winter dryness, static in the air, and itchy skin! I live in a humid climate but since I use a pellet stove for heat, the air quality in the house is terribly dry. The dry conditions can wreak havoc on wood floors, solid wood cabinets, and even trim on the wall. A Holmes® Smart Humidifier Console, Enabled by WeMo is an excellent solution to the dry air in the home!


The Holmes brand offers WeMo technology, connecting the home with home automation solutions that help consumers customize, control, and manage home electronics from anywhere. Imagine being able to use a smart device to turn on a heater in a cold basement prior to doing laundry down there… How awesome is that?


With the Holmes Smart Humidifier Console, the right level of humidity can be optimized for the home based on current weather conditions. The settings on the humidifier can be controlled at anytime, from anywhere, using a smartphone or a tablet. Five comfort levels can be chosen, and the humidifier has a smart sensor that can monitor the environment both inside and outside the home.


The Holmes Smart Humidifier Console provides humidity to the entire house, making everyone comfortable, and has a 36-hour runtime. A convenient reminder is included in the WeMo app reminding you to reorder the filter plus the filters can be purchased directly through the app!

The Holmes® Smart Humidifier Console, enabled by WeMo is an excellent addition to any room and will fit in with any decor. Any product from the Holmes WeMo line is an excellent addition to the well-connected technological home, making life simpler and easier!

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