Projects Using New Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint

Used on a Variety of Surfaces, This Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint Is Awesome!

I was so excited to be selected to try out Folk Art Multi-Surface paint along with a few Handmade Charlotte stencils, and Folk Art Chalk Anything Multi-Surface Coating! Honestly, this is the coolest new craft paint… Not only can it be used on wood, glass, plastic, and fabric (as well as a few other surfaces), it is also weather resistant, machine washable, and dishwasher (top rack) safe! How awesome is that? So in order to test it out, I created a new project as well as tested it on another existing project.

folk art multi surface paint SANY2629  folk art multi surface paint SANY2625

First, I created a pillow for my daughter using the black Multi-Surface paint, the Chalk Anything coating, and the Speech Bubble stencils by Handmade Charlotte, along with a piece of a canvas drop cloth.

 folk art multi surface paint SANY2614

I applied a piece of Contact paper to the back of the fabric to give a bit of stability as well as keep any paint from seeping through.

folk art multi surface paint SANY2615

I positioned the stencil and secured it in place with masking tape. Using a sponge spouncer, I applied the black paint and let it dry. I then applied two coats of the chalk coating according to the directions on the bottle. Once everything was dry, I flipped the stencil over and painted a second speech bubble so it looks like a “conversation”!

 folk art multi surface paint SANY2616  folk art multi surface paint SANY2617  folk art multi surface paint SANY2622

I let it sit 24 hours, then cured the chalkboard surface with a piece of chalk.

 folk art multi surface paint SANY2624

I cut the fabric down to size for the pillow, then stitched everything together. I inserted the pillow form (which I also made) then sewed the cover closed. Voila! A quick, easy project for a tween or teen!

 folk art multi surface paint SANY2630

The next surface I tested the paint on was the Pet Food Station I posted a few weeks ago. Pokey, our sweet dog, decided his table needed to be personalized so I used one of the Handmade Charlotte Banner stencils and stenciled his name on the table. I guess my placement needs a little help but the E looks sort of cute like that!

 folk art multi surface paint SANY2619 folk art multi surface paint SANY2620 folk art multi surface paint SANY2623

This paint is so fabulous! I like the fact that it covers so well – even the white over the red did not look milky. I only used one coat of each color in each project and I am thoroughly impressed! I cannot wait to try it on other surfaces. Want to try it for yourself? The paint is currently available at Michaels. 

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Disclosure: I have partnered with The Blueprint Social to bring you this post about Folk Art Multi-Surface paint and Handmade Charlotte stencils. I received the product to try but the projects and opinions are strictly my own.


  • divadee113 says:

    I love the way Pokey’s name is stenciled! It looks deliberate and very cute!

    • Thank you so much! It was really hard to get it straight but I think the end result in cute, too! Thank you for stopping by!

  • May says:

    Can I ask you that do I need to coat it?

    • Hi, May! That is going to depend on how the finished product will be used… If it is just for a sign or a piece of wall art, then no, it will not need to be coated. If it is for something that will get heavy use such as a table or chair, then yes, it will need a coating of some sort. Hope this helps!

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