Interested in a Massage Chair?

A Massage Chair with Many Benefits in a Style of Your Own

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Motion, for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Southern Motion, a leader in well designed and innovative motion furniture has partnered with Cozzia, a leader in massage technology, to create the SoCozi™ collection of massage chairs that provide the comfort and benefits of professional massage chairs in a style that is completely your own.
The SoCozi™ chair would be the perfect way to relax after a long day of work (or in my case – remodeling my home and removing brush from the surrounding area) or as a way to unwind and watch movies or listen to music. The chair comes complete with the benefits of massage, heat, and lumbar comfort which aids in pain relief and recovery, especially for tired, sore muscles! And what about those tired, sore feet? This chair also reclines which can put the body in a position to increase blood flow and improve circulation. In my daily activities, I would benefit from a SoCozi™ massage chair to relax my muscles after a heavy workout or strenuous yoga practice. Who wouldn’t want that?

A blog post by Southern Motion, The History and Science Behind Massage, details the history and science of massage which dates back to approximately 3000 BC, and with the earliest records of massage discovered in Egypt and China. Massage progressed when Greek athletes used a form of massage to keep their bodies in top performing condition, and eventually in later years, the use of massage spread to treating injuries and diseases. Today, different types of massage are used for a variety of purposes including stretching, joint or pain relief or as a tool for beneficial relaxation. Massage is also used as a form of conditioning as well as recovery for athletes with many different sports teams and events.

(There are many benefits to massage but massage should not be used to treat serious health conditions. Consult a physician before using massage as a treatment of a diagnosed health condition.)

An infographic created by Southern Motion outlines the interesting history and science  behind massage, as well as the many different types of massage, the top reasons for getting a massage, the health benefits of massage, a few massage facts, as well as at-home massage techniques. It also includes information about the SoCozi™ chair and the many features and benefits it provides.

Using Southern Motion’s exclusive EXP™ technology, which was created in partnership with Cozzia, this advanced system creates a unique experience to relax the body and mind. The system makes use of an adjustable lumbar support to help promote proper spinal cord alignment, heat therapy to aid in relaxation and pain relief, and the latest in air cell design with air chambers that inflate and deflate to reduce pressure on the body, all of which help improve health and increase energy.

Southern Motion offers many different chair styles including recliners and accent chairs, and fabrics such as leather to make the SoCozi™ chair compliment the decor and surroundings in any home. My favorite is the Canyon Ranch design which is a classic large and comfy-looking chair, and perfect for my living room style (and I’m really loving the grey leather!)

Visit Southern Motion and create the SoCozi™ chair fitting your style that is made in the USA using quality materials, attention to detail, and offering one of the most comprehensive special order programs available.

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