Arkansas Women Bloggers Christmas Ornament Exchange

I belong to Arkansas Women Bloggers, a community dedicated to the empowerment and promotion of Arkansas based companies and organizations. Their motto is “Gather. Grow. Connect.” and the mission is to “To be an Arkansas-based blogger community dedicated to growing women by gathering them into a common space with common objectives and by connecting and empowering them for the greater good.”

How cool is that? They decided to have a sort of Secret Santa type of  Christmas ornament exchange in which I gladly participated… I love to make things just because and surprise someone with it, even a complete stranger!

As part of the swap, I received an ornament from Heather Davis also known as Minivan Momma. It is the sweetest tree ornament and she also included a stellar pair of earrings that are so me (how did she know?) –  I really love them! Check out her site – it is great, especially her Christmas list (I need one of those also, Heather!). If you’re a parent, you will whole-heartedly want what is on her list also…

L.O.V.E. the ornament and earrings!

L.O.V.E. the ornament and earrings!

Thank you very much, Heather! 

As for the ornaments I made, I sent them to Fawn at Instead of the Dishes where she blogs about what she wants to do, what she needs to do, and how she gets both done! She has fantastic tips about being frugal, being green, and just plain being mom!

AWB has been such a fun experience! I did not know there were so many great blogs belonging to women who are practically neighbors of mine! If you’s like to check out the other ornaments that were shared, AWB will have a linky where we will all post pics of the awesome ornaments we received. If you’d like to learn more about AWB, check out their site at

Until next time,

Happy Holidays and Happy Creating!!



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