Air Conditioner Check Up

4 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Be Malfunctioning

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When temperatures start to soar, few things are more relaxing than to turn on your central air conditioning and bask in its chilly flow as the sun beats down outside on a summer afternoon. It is something that you might take for granted until it starts to malfunction, and only then do they realize how uncomfortable and sweltering your home is without it. If you have central AC in your home but are not sure whether it is running right, there are several things you can look for before small problems become a major cause for concern.


1.     A Reduction in Air Coolness

One of the major clues that your AC might not be running right is if the air that is blowing out of the ducts is only mildly cool or even room temperature. This is also noticeable in the length of time the blower runs in order to pump cool air into your home. The longer it pumps, the less efficiently it is cooling your home. You might need to call in a professional HVAC repair company and rectify it before it becomes any worse and ends up costing you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy.

2.     Noticeable Leaks

If your air conditioner seems to be running well but you notice a leak or a noticeable puddle at its base, there may be several things causing this. In most cases, a leak may not be a big problem, but it is best to take care of it before the leak becomes an issue and causes damage to your home’s floor or walls.

After time, moisture can cause problems such as mold, which can cause health issues, and warped floorboards, so if you see your air conditioner leaking, you should attend to it as soon as possible. In fact, this may be something you can fix yourself if the leak is being caused by a plugged drain tube. To make sure this is the case, inspect the leak. If it is just water, it may the plugged tube. If you suspect a problem with the tube, you may want to call a professional to have it checked.

3.     Fluctuations in Cycle

When your air conditioner kicks on, its purpose is to monitor and regulate the temperature inside your home. When the thermostat senses the air in your home is too warm, it will kick the system on and cool air will lower the temperature until reaches the pre-set level. While cycle times vary, it usually takes about fifteen to twenty minutes for the AC unit to cool a room.

If your central air shuts off too soon or continues to run long after the thermostat displays the right temperature, then it may be time for an air conditioner check up. A system that has wild fluctuations in its cycle may have a faulty part or a malfunctioning thermostat. It is a good idea to turn off the unit completely until you can get it looked at, as a malfunctioning unit may burn out if used.

4.     Loud Noises During a Cycle

You probably have a good idea of what your central AC unit sounds like during a normal cycle, and new or persistent noises should raise a red flag with you. Banging, loud humming, or buzzing sounds should all be addressed, and quickly. These sounds could mean something as simple as something banging around the air duct or as serious as metal parts bending and banging into one another. If you cannot find the source of the noise right away, turn the unit off and call a professional for assistance.

Your home’s air conditioner provides you with comfort and convenience during the hot summer months. However, if you suspect a malfunction, understanding how your unit works and recognizing the signs that it may not be working right can help you diagnose the issue quickly.

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