A Green Family Home Needs Great Windows

When you try to make your family home as environmentally friendly as possible it is easy to find lots of tips on the internet, some of which are obvious and some of which aren’t.

From compost heaps to solar panels everything you need for a green family home is to be found online these days. However, we shouldn’t forget the more traditional ways of making our home less harmful to our planet. One of the classic ways of doing this is by paying more attention to your choice of windows.


Double Glazing Really Is Better

You already know that double glazing windows are better than single glazing ones but perhaps you have never really thought about it all that much before now. The simple fact is that when your windows have two panes instead of one you can stop more heat leaving the property, which in turn means that you don’t need to use as much heating to warm up the house. This might seem like a very simplistic way of looking at thing but it is also true. If you are still using single glazing in your home then making the switch to double glazing can make a big difference. As well as being more environmentally friendly you will save on your heating bills if you stop more of the warm air escaping from your house so easily. For further information you can contact Anglian double glazing specialists.

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Get Rid of Badly Fitted Windows

Another reason why some families spend more money and waste more energy than they need to is that they have badly fitted windows in their houses.  This can be even more damaging to the plant than using old single pane windows. If the cold air comes rushing in through a gap or if the window doesn’t close properly then you will need to spend a lot of extra money on heating the property during the cold months. This can also lead the house not being very visually pleasing, so getting better windows fitted from a top company like Anglian will have a number of benefits for you and your home.

Let More Sun In

The previous points were about simply replacing old, unsuitable with new ones in a like for like replacement. However, another nice idea is to get more windows added to your property. Some older houses, in particular, have fewer windows than would really be ideal. By adding in some new ones the householder can benefit from more sun coming into the property on cold but sunny days. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit to have more windows in a house and the whole family are likely to enjoy having more views and more daylight in their home all year round.

 View from House Window


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