Make a Fabulous Caddy for Storing Glue

The Glue Holder – Perfect for Crafters of Any Type!

I always find it irritating to pick up my bottle of glue, turn it upside down, give it a hefty shake (while my fingers are crossed hoping I closed the cap the last time I used it!), then apply it to my project. I like being able to store my glue with the tip facing downward. Its easy when I’m not using it – I can put it in the wall rack upside down and off I go… Not so when I’m actually using it!! So I came up with the idea to make the Glue Holder! This will work well for anyone who uses glue, whether you’re woodworking, scrapbooking, creating, etc. No more waiting for the glue to fill the tip or having to give the bottle a finger-crossed shake!

the glue holder SANY0075 copy

Start with two scrap pieces of 2×4 lumber – mine are 6” long.  Using an 1½” paddle bit (or hole saw), drill a hole all the way through one of the pieces. Apply glue to one side of the piece with the hole and stack it on the other piece. I used two screws to secure one piece to the other. That’s all there is to it! It can be painted or decorated however you wish… I left mine plain because I was going to get glue all over it anyway!

the glue holder

Another option is to use a 4×4 piece of scrap – the length will be up to you… Drill an 1½” X 1½” hole in the center and voila! Your glue is always ready in its specially created glue holder!


Originally posted 2013-12-30 08:00:07.

  • Clever solution!

    • CherTexter

      Thank you! Stop by again soon!

  • Robin Grosland

    Sometimes the simple things we do to prepare make all the difference in making crafting a great experience. This is so simple but I imagine it makes such a difference. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a great weekend.

    • CherTexter

      I hope you do, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Great idea. That could work for a lot of things that need to be turned upside down. Thanks for the tip.

    • CherTexter

      It works great except that one of my fears about it came true… I didn’t close the cap all the way and now the hole is full of glue! Aaack!! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dorothy Butler-Landes

    Love this idea! I’m visiting from SITS comment love. I just pinned this for later use! Thanks!

    • CherTexter

      Thank you so much! That caddy has really come in handy but I think it is time to make a new one because the hole that holds the cap is full of glue! Eek!

  • Cindy

    I love this idea! Glue is such a pain to work with.

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