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Spectacular Chandelier Makeover

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This chandelier was one of the first items I ever purchased at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I paid a whopping $10 for it but held onto it until just the right inspiration struck... Fast forward a few months, and I finally had a great idea for the chandelier! Yahoo!  I am so excited [...]

Build an Easy Work Table

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SANY1659 copy

For several years, I used an old hollow-core door on sawhorses as my work table. The door finally decided to call it quits one day in the middle of a project. I don't blame it for quitting - I certainly put that poor door through the wringer! It was used and abused, hammered on, drilled [...]

Build a Long Console Table

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Long Console Table_Copy

Looking for a quick weekend project? New to woodworking and want to start with a basic plan that is not so Plain Jane? Look no further than the Long Console Table Plans! The plans are super-simple and can be finished in a variety of ways for many different looks! The table itself is very long [...]

Build Crown Molding Shelves

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DSCF1211 copy

Shelves are one of those decor pieces one can never get enough of... They are versatile in the way that they can hold books, office or craft supplies, photo frames, or display pieces from a collection. While I am trying to improve my crown molding cutting skills, I came up with an easy tutorial on [...]

Build a Bandengan Side Table

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This table has an interesting look to it... There are decorative grooves cut in the legs and the aprons, all made with a table saw. The plans to build the Bandengan side table are really easy (even with the grooves) and I had a lot of fun building it. The hard part is trying to [...]