A Fabulous Modern Twin Bed

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My daughter has been asking for a new bed and since I was actually in the mood to build a [...]

A Beautiful Chair with Curved Back Legs

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I love the curve of the back legs on this chair! The DIY plans to build an Anna Chair featured [...]

Power Tool Challenge – A Project Using a Drill


I was invited to join a few fellow bloggers for a Power Tool Challenge. The challenge is to make a [...]

A Large Dining Table That Will Be the Star of the Next Dinner Party!


The inspiration for this dining table actually has a metal frame. I drew the plans for this table with a [...]

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!


Every time I post a chair plan, I always gush about how much I love building chairs! They are are [...]

A Bath Vanity with Lots of Style plus Storage

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A fabulous vanity for the bathroom is hard to find without spending a ton of money but don't worry - [...]