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A Challenging Bench to Build

– Posted in: Chairs & Seating, Plans
Curved Bench_Featured

Like a challenge? Me, too! The DIY plans to build a Curved Seat Bench really shouldn't be too difficult but it will put your skills to the test! The bench features a curved seat and back, and will fit well around a round table. The seat can be made using plywood or 1x material in [...]

Cutting Trim with a Miter Saw

– Posted in: Home Improvement, How to

Please make sure to use safe cutting practices when using a miter saw, and make sure you are wearing adequate eye protection! I wanted to cut narrow (1/2" wide) trim for a project I am building, and needed to make miter cuts on the pieces for the drawer fronts. To begin with the handsaw, miter box, [...]

Another Easy to Build Bath Vanity

– Posted in: Plans, Vanities
Trunk Style Vanity_Featured

Spring is considered a time for rebirth... It is also a time for DIY projects, outdoor home improvement, and sometimes lots of home remodeling - mainly bathroom updates! The DIY plans to build a Trunk Style Bath Vanity feature metal angle details, and two doors that conceal an inner shelf and two drawers. This is [...]