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A Desk with a Unique Top

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DSCF2907 copy

I'd been meaning to create this desk for a long time - not that I needed another desk, but because I thought it might be a really interesting project! The DIY plans to build a desk with an old door feature three drawers under the top. For my desk, I used old table legs and [...]

A Large Chest With Scalloped Leg Detail

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Scalloped Leg Dresser_Featured

Here is another fabulous plan for a dresser with detailed legs... The DIY plans to build a Scalloped Leg Dresser feature five drawers with scalloped front legs. Don't be intimidated by the scalloped legs - they are easy to cut using a scrolling blade on a jigsaw or a 1/8" blade on a bandsaw! This [...]

An Easy to Build Frame for an Inexpensive Mirror

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Dorm Mirror Frame_Featured

Dorm mirrors (the mirror with cheap plastic frames that can be purchased for $5.99) don't have to look cheap... A beautiful frame can be built for these mirrors that will give it lots of style! The DIY plans to build a Dorm Mirror Frame are really simple using straight off the shelf boards, and can [...]