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Spray Paint Transformations…

Aaah, spray paint… I truly love it. What other product is there that is inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors/finishes, and can transform virtually anything it coats? I do have my favorites (I am a frequent stalker on Rust-Oleum’s Facebook page!) and have quite a collection of cans in every color imaginable!

To me, nothing is safe from a can of spray paint! I gave my Buddha fountain a makeover using Rust-Oleum’s Multicolor Texture in Mixed Browns.


This one got the same makeover!


I painted my outdoor clock/temperature gauge with Rust-Oleum’s Metallic in Antique Brass.


I used Krylon’s Fusion for Plastic in Satin Khaki on my shutters, door trim, and screen door. What a difference!


I painted this military ammunition box with Krylon’s Metallic in Matte Aluminum to store cat food in so I can leave it outdoors. Now I don’t have to worry about the possums and raccoons getting into it!

I wanted new light fixtures for my bathroom. I found some in Oil Rubbed Bronze that would cost me $200 for four! I found the exact same style fixtures, in brass (on the same website), and they only cost me $60 for all four.I primed and painted the fixtures (Krylon’s Metallic in Sparkling Canyon). The cost of a can of spray paint was well worth the savings!


Other things I’ve done with spray paint –

  • Change the color of hardware including drawer handles, hinges, knobs
  • Transform thrift store finds into stunning accents
  • Update outdoor resin statues
  • Changed the color of flower pots and hooks
  • Painted ceiling fans (stay tuned for a post on that!)


The possibilities are endless! Give it a try… Once you see the rainbow of colors and finishes, you’ll be hooked!

Until next time,

Happy Creating!


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