Ridgid R4510 Table Saw with TSUV

A Heavy-Duty Table Saw with Added Portability

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Ridgid Tools. I own a Ridgid drill as well as a Ridgid brad nailer. So when the kind folks at Ridgid Tools offered to send me the Ridgid R4510 table saw with stand (TSUV) for an upcoming project, I tried my best to play it cool but inside I was screaming my head off (thank you!!). To say I was excited is an extreme understatement and it is probably a good thing I wasn’t home when it was delivered. I’m sure I would have knocked the poor Fedex guy over and yanked it out of his truck myself!

ridgid r4510 table saw with stand SANY2938

Anyway, this saw is really awesome… Not only does it have on-board tool storage but the stand has wheels on it, hence the name “TSUV” (table saw utility vehicle). This makes it so much easier for me to move the saw closer to my project!

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The saw is a 15-amp with a 10″ blade, plus the stand folds for easy storage and portability. The rip fence slides inside a channel at the front, and the push stick and miter gauge attach to the right side. The left side has a place to store the anti-kick back pawls, as well as the blade guard. It can cut a 4×4 with ease, as well as cut a 45° bevel in boards as deep as 2-1/2″. It makes beautiful cuts!

ridgid r4510 table saw with stand SANY2899 copy


ridgid r4510 table saw with stand SANY2900 copyMatt and I needed to use TSUV at the Rebel house. It was so easy to load the saw in the back of Matt’s truck. The low profile of the saw stand, when folded, fit perfectly in the back of the truck and did not interfere with the Tonneau cover over the truck bed.

ridgid r4510 table saw with stand SANY2897

We had an “issue” with a few several cabinet doors that were built too wide for the openings (how did that happen??). TSUV helped us out and did a beautiful job of ripping the cabinet doors down for us without a hitch. The micro adjustment on the rip fence helped a ton! Did I mention that TSUV can cut up to 12″ to the left of the blade and 25″ to the right of the blade? That is a lot plus the table slides out at the right of the blade to support the wider material.

ridgid r4510 table saw with stand SANY2932

In all honesty, I love the Ridgid R4510 table saw with stand. It is convenient for me, and is an excellent tool to have. Plus, Ridgid Tools offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their tools, and their customer service is excellent! If you are in the market for a table saw, I think this one should be considered! Have any questions about the saw? Contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!


 I purchased the Ridgid drill and brad nailer with my own money. Ridgid Tools sent me the table saw. They did not ask me to write a post – I volunteered to do so, free of charge, and the opinions are my own.

  • LindySez

    My husband is having an orgasim right now just looking at this fine saw!

    • CherTexter

      LOL! It really is a great saw and I am thrilled with the portability!

  • I love that it has wheels! It sounds like an amazing saw. Thanks for sharing!

    • CherTexter

      I love that part, too, plus it has on-board storage so everything has its own little hiding place!

  • Jake

    What are you doing with your hand-me-down saw?

    • CherTexter

      Well, Jake, you know I am a tool hoarder so I am keeping it as well! I’m probably the only person on the block with TWO table saws! At least this way, I can take one of them with me when I go to the Rebel house!

  • Cher you always look like you’re having super fun with all your DIY projects – it lifts my spirits to see you!

    • CherTexter

      Thank you, Elle! I do enjoy it and love what I do!

  • christine

    Wow, I’m impressed! My husband carried one of these up the stairs this morning and i thought he was going to have a heart attack! Good for you!!

    • CherTexter

      Oh no! I love that it is portable so I can wheel it around without hurting myself! Thank you for stopping by!

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