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Resolutions for the New Year

If you’re one of my fans on FB (high five to you!), you will note that I’ve already mentioned at least one resolution for the New Year…

I have been trying to organize my tools and parts ever since the laundry room remodel. I have enough machine screws to last well into the apocalypse, if there is one. I also have enough wire nuts, cup hooks, drawer pulls, miscellaneous screws, and just plain old junk! I’m always preaching about using up scraps from the wood pile and now I’m going to have to be applying that to my parts “collection” as well!

But I do have other resolutions, as well…

1. To STAY organized… We’ll see how long that really lasts!

2. To create more plans for you, dear readers, that are fun, interesting, and easy to build…

3. To get a few of my own projects finished… Have I ever mentioned that I am on what I like to call the Two Year Plan? Well, the Two Year Plan is where I have something that needs to be repaired or finished and it takes me two years to complete it. I like to blame it on design ADD but I’ll admit that really isn’t the case. I think it’s actually called PROCRASTINATION.

4. And finally, just take time to enjoy the things in life that I like to do… I honestly don’t have any real “deadlines” so why not take my time on my projects? Unless I add them to the Two Year Plan…

Until next time,

Happy Creating!!


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