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Cutting Trim with a Miter Saw

A Safe Way to Cut Narrow Trim on a Miter Saw Please make sure to use safe cutting practices when using a miter saw, and make sure you are wearing adequate eye protection! I wanted to cut narrow (1/2″ wide) trim for a project I am building, and needed to make miter cuts on the pieces for the[...]

A Super-Simple to Build Ledge Shelf

DIY Plans to Build a Square Ledge Shelf I will admit it… I love shelving – both building it and using it! Shelves are some of the easiest pieces to build and the DIY plans to build a Square Ledge Shelf are no different! The shelves feature a box frame, a flat top, and hang on the[...]

Cutting Tiles

Cutting Tiles Cutting tiles can be a scary and almost incomprehensible task if you’ve never attempted it before. However, it is an inevitable part of tiling. There will come a moment when your tiles are too big to fit into that space between the last tile and wall, or you need a hole in the[...]

Customizing a Closet Organizer

“Customizing a Closet Organizer” – is that an oxymoron?? Anyway, The Han’s closet is a mess. I’m ashamed to even show the before picture. One time I asked why the clothes were on the floor and she told me they “fell” off the hangers. Imagine that! I wanted to build a closet organizer for her[...]

A Super-Easy Bookshelf You Can Build in an Afternoon

Build a Bookshelf Inspired by West Elm I saw this and I was in love… I decided I would try my hand at creating plans to build a bookshelf inspired by West Elm! This is one of the first furniture plans I ever drew for Dbsc. I used one (yes, ONE) sheet of plywood, edge-banding[...]

Build a Burlington Dining Table with Top Options

An Easy to Build Table with a Customizable Top – DIY Plans to Build a Burlington Dining Table In the market for a new dining table? The DIY plans to build a Burlington dining table are super-easy to construct making it an ideal project for those new to woodworking, plus the top is completely customizable! The[...]

A Few Tips for a Successful Door Transformation

Painting Laminate Slab Doors In my home, the doors on the bathrooms and bedrooms are wood-toned and glossy laminate slabs. The only thing I don’t like about them is that the wood tone makes the hallway really dark. For years, I have been wanting to paint the doors a nice shade of white to brighten[...]

Free Plans to Build a Vintage Console with Drawers

This piece is one of those tables that would look great with a vintage, weathered finish! Chippy peeling paint and worn spots… How fabulous! It would also be a great way to test out different colors of paint so that there are many “layers” on it which adds to the vintage look! Plus, as usual[...]

Free Plans to Build a Joss & Main Inspired Chesterton Wine Holder

Free Plans to Build a Chesterton Wine Holder Need another quick and easy project? Look no further! This wine holder is inexpensive and the best part is that it is stackable! Oh yeah! How fabulous is that?? Materials: 1-1/4″ brad nails Finishing supplies Lumber: Lumber list is material to make ONE holder… One quarter sheet[...]

A Mounted Faux Deer Head Gets a New Backdrop

Build a Framed Brick Panel I’m still in the midst of finishing my daughter’s “new” bedroom (big brother’s old room) and decided that her faux deer head, Felipe Hornsworth the First needed a makeover so he wouldn’t get lost on the wall (see how I made Felipe here). With a few scraps left from the[...]