Tools to Make Any Upholstery Project Easier

A Guide of Must-Have Tools for DIY Upholstery I create a lot of plans that require upholstery in some form or another. Upholstery is something that is really easy to do, especially if you have the right tools and by “right tools”, I don’t mean something crazy expensive, either. I’ve created a guide of must-have tools[...]

An Easy to Build Frame for an Inexpensive Mirror

DIY Plans to Build a Dorm Mirror Frame Dorm mirrors (the mirror with cheap plastic frames that can be purchased for $5.99) don’t have to look cheap… A beautiful frame can be built for these mirrors that will give it lots of style! The DIY plans to build a Dorm Mirror Frame are really simple[...]

A Simple Bookcase to Build with an Open Design

DIY Plans to Build a Parson Bookcase This simple bookcase packs a lot of style! The DIY plans to build a Parson Bookcase feature plywood sides and shelves with solid wood frames on the front and back. (The frames are built and attached separately!) This would be a great piece to use as a room[...]

A Large Dining Table That Will Be the Star of the Next Dinner Party!

DIY Plans to Build a Griffith Dining Table The inspiration for this dining table actually has a metal frame. I drew the plans for this table with a wood frame which will be just as sturdy. The DIY plans to build a Griffith Dining Table feature a planked top and 2×2 framing which can be[...]

Cutting the Chunky Curved Legs using a Template

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template Previously, I posted plans to build a dresser with chunky curved legs and I also mentioned that I was going to add it near the top of my “to build” list! The build is going so well, and the front legs were a breeze to cut. Let me[...]

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Dining Chairs Every time I post a chair plan, I always gush about how much I love building chairs! They are are easy to build, quick to complete, and can be finished in so many different ways. I’ve compiled a collection of DIY plans to build dining chairs[...]

An Excellent Cabinet for Storage with Sliding Doors

DIY Plans to Build a Sliding Door Pantry A pantry is always a fabulous piece of furniture for any room. The DIY plans to build a Sliding Door Pantry feature five shelves behind two sliding doors. There is also trim under the top and at the bottom for a decorative look. the doors use fender[...]

An Awesome Dresser to Build with Chunky Curved Legs

DIY Plans to Build a Raphael Dresser This dresser is so cool, I am adding it to my “to-build” list – maybe somewhere toward the top! The DIY plans to build a Raphael Dresser feature chunky curved front legs (template included) with curved front trim on the top (also with a template). There are three[...]

Build a Beautiful Rustic Bed with Metal Details

DIY Plans to Build a Rustic Metal Strap Queen Bed Designed to resemble an old trunk, this bed looks much more complicated than it really is… The DIY plans to build a Rustic Metal Strap Queen Bed feature a total of six drawers (three on each side) as well as metal strap details. The straps[...]

A Challenging Bench to Build

DIY Plans to Build a Curved Seat Bench Like a challenge? Me, too! The DIY plans to build a Curved Seat Bench really shouldn’t be too difficult but it will put your skills to the test! The bench features a curved seat and back, and will fit well around a round table. The seat can[...]