An Easy to Build Upholstered Ottoman

DIY Plans to Build an Upholstered Ottoman I saw a leather upholstered ottoman in a catalog and fell in love with it – especially the color of the leather! Of course, I wasn’t going to spend the money on the ottoman in the catalog so I set out to make my own thinking the ottoman[...]

Make Your Own Feet for Furniture

How to Make Furniture Feet – Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive! A lot of plans call for furniture feet or legs. Generally, those types of feet or legs are very expensive. I can show you how to make furniture feet using materials that are already on hand. Though they will start out as the plain Jane[...]

A Fabulous Stool Perfect for the Outdoors

DIY Plans to Build an Outdoor Campfire Stool This nifty rustic stool is the perfect accessory for relaxing or roasting marshmallows by the fire… The DIY plans to build an Outdoor Campfire Stool feature pieces joined by threaded rod and connector bolts. Each piece is finished prior to assembly for the best results! The stool[...]

A Beautifully Simple Console Table

DIY Plans to Build an Arched Console Table This console table is a super-simple build. The DIY plans to build an Arched Console Table feature a lower shelf and three arched aprons on the front and back with an arched apron on each side. The arches in the front and back aprons can be cut at[...]

An Easy to Build Curved Leg Footstool

DIY Plans to Build a Pi Footstool Yes, I named this footstool plan “Pi” because I think it looks like the mathematical symbol! The DIY plans to build a Pi Footstool featured four curved legs with stretchers and a planked top. The stool is a very easy build, especially with the templates for the legs![...]

A Beautiful Dresser with Lots of Drawers

DIY Plans to Build a Gabriela Dresser This dresser, though it has tons of drawers, is a super-easy build. Featuring a total of twelve drawers, the DIY plans to build a Gabriela Dresser are perfect for a shared kids room, a craft room, or in a dining room. Each of the drawers in the vertical[...]

Changing a Chair Seat from Plywood to Upholstery

Add an Upholstered Seat to a Chair Plan Lately, I’ve had a new obsession with upholstering chair seats. Any of the chair plans on DbSC are adaptable to upholstered seats and some of the plans are already written for upholstered seats. I’m going to share an easy way to add an upholstered seat to a chair[...]

A Fabulous Easy to Build Chair for the Outdoors

DIY Plans to Build an X Leg Chair This easy to build chair can actually be used indoors or outdoors. The DIY plans to build an X Leg Chair feature side frames with an X detail, a slatted seat, and a slatted back. This chair would be fabulous with cedar as the seat and back,[...]

A Fabulous Daybed for the Outdoors

DIY Plans to Build a Penn Outdoor Daybed With Summer basically knocking on the door, most of us are thinking about outdoor furniture for entertaining or relaxing. The DIY plans to build a Penn Outdoor Daybed fit that bill perfectly! The seat, back, and sides are slatted making it easy for water to run off[...]

Another Cabinet for a Kitchen Remodel

DIY Plans to Build a Tall Diagonal Face Upper Corner Cabinet A reader contacted me and asked if I could help draft plans for an upper corner cabinet. The DIY plans to build a tall upper corner cabinet feature two shelves with 20″ Lazy Susans attached to the shelves (more shelves can be added easily[...]