Another Expression of Perfection from Lennox

Lennox Introduces iComfort® S30 with the Art World

Thanks to Lennox, I am once again able to share this awesome sponsored content!

Continuing in the campaign to illustrate the feeling of owning the best you can buy, Lennox introduces the iComfort® S30 with A’Shop, a production company specializing in murals, graffiti art, street art, and urban art from Montreal, Canada.

Lennox Introduces the iComfort® S30 with the Art World

The iComfort® S30 is a touchscreen thermostat enabling the system to be controlled from the wall similar to a standard thermostat and can be adjusted from anywhere in the world using a smart device like a phone, tablet, or lap top. Cool, eh?

Lennox Introduces the iComfort® S30 with the Art World_Product

The iComfort® S30 offers remote access with live weather forecast, automatic updates, alerts and reminders sent through email or a mobile app, and the availability of messages sent directly to the dealer for maintenance issues.

Lennox Introduces the iComfort® S30 with the Art World_Mural

The Smart Away ™ mode can adjust the temperatures to save energy while no one is home using the GPS on a mobile phone. Taking into account the humidity and temperature in the home, the FEELS LIKE™ feature can make the home feel exactly how you want it. The air quality and pollen levels can be detected  by the Allergen Defender monitors which turns on a fan to clean the air in the home when the outdoor levels are high.

As part of the #lennoxartproject, Lennox and A’Shop created a video with a robot to demonstrate the iComfort®S30:

How awesome is that? That is the feeling of owning the best you can buy! The iComfort® S30 is about as advanced as a piece of machinery can get. No matter how crazy life can get, the iComfort® S30 can adapt to it by saving money while conserving energy. The home will always be comfortable when you get home, just the way you like it, thanks to Lennox and the iComfort® S30 and the Art World!

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  • I love the creativity that is involved with this campaign. Such a great way to illustrate this fantastic technology.

    • CherTexter

      Isn’t it though? It really is a genius way to get consumers to notice a product!

  • Using the robot as a way to convey the technology and reliability of this system is a great concept. I’m a little smitten with him!

    • CherTexter

      I know what you mean! I love all of the artwork and especially the energy-saving features of the Lennox systems!

  • I love the Smart Away feature — it sounds like a really great way to save energy (and money) when you are not home!

    • CherTexter

      I love that feature, too! It is amazing how “smart” these systems are!

  • I like that the Lennox unit can adjust the temperature even when you are not home.

    • CherTexter

      I think that is a great feature, too. I love the modern conveniences!

  • I absolutely love how they incorporate art into what they do! I’ve always wanted to own a robot, now’s my chance.

    • CherTexter

      That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

  • Stephanie H.

    I just love this product! I love the innovation behind it and the creativity in the campaign!

    • CherTexter

      Me, too! It is great, isn’t it?

  • What a great system, and what a unique way to express it! I love this little robot – wish I had one of my own!

    • CherTexter

      I love the artwork, as well. It is a great visual representation of the product!

  • Heather Pfingsten

    There is so much about this product and the
    system that I absolutely love! We come and go every day and it would be great
    to have a system that we could control while on the road.

    • CherTexter

      You are right! Being able to control it while away from home is a great feature!

  • I need this for times when I am away from home and the temperature rises or falls.

    • CherTexter

      That is a really great feature, isn’t it?

  • LisaLisa01

    Really, what more can you say about this system, its absolutely wonderful!!

    • CherTexter

      Absolutely! I love the technology in these systems!

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