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Rewire a Light Fixture to Use a Plug

How to Rewire a Light Fixture to Use a Plug

As a few of you may know, I have a “thing” for giving makeovers to light fixtures. I find the coolest fixtures at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and since I’ve redone a few of them, it got me to thinking that maybe instead of keeping them as hardwired fixtures (where they are permanently wired to the existing electrical wiring in a house on the ceiling or a wall), I should rewire them so that they could be plugged in. That way, they are completely portable and can be located virtually anywhere in a house as long as the cord is long enough to reach the outlet! Follow along as I share how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2409

I buy my wiring in bulk, then attach a switch and a plug. This is economical for me because I redo so many fixtures but it may not be economical for you. One piece cords with plugs can be purchased at home improvement stores, and they come in 8′ or 12′ lengths. You’ll have to add a switch to the cord, also. Here are a few of the parts I used: 18-2 lamp wire (18 gauge, 2 wire) and a pull-chain light socket. A replacement plug specifically for lamps will also be used.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2428

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2429

Start by removing the existing socket and wiring. Cut a new piece of wiring (I like mine to be at least 14 feet long) and run it through the rod on the fixture.Thread the cup (the lower piece that houses the socket) on the post in the fixture to hold the socket in place.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2430

Thread the cord through the post and carefully separate the wires. One wire will be smooth on the side and the other wire will have ribs. On clear cords, they are hard to see but if you run your fingernail over them you can feel them. The ribbed wire is the “neutral” wire, and the smooth wire is the “hot” wire. Strip the casing off of the ends of the wires about 1/2″ using wire strippers.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2413

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2414

The wire with the ribs on the casing will connect to the silver terminal on the socket. Before connecting the wires to the terminals, tie an underwriter’s knot which will keep the wiring from getting pulled back through the post. Make a “hook” on the end of the wire in a clockwise direction around the terminal then tighten the terminal screw. Repeat for the other wire on the gold terminal.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2431

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2432

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2433

Replace the socket on the mount then replace the housing for the socket – these are either snapped into the cap or screwed into it.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2434

Attach the plug to the end of the cord according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2436

If a one piece cord with plug is being used, all of the same steps will be followed with the exception of adding the plug (duh!). With my simple tutorial on how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug, you will be able to rewire all kinds of really neat fixtures for portability or even outdoor use (with proper cover, of course!)

how to rewire a light fixture to use a plug SANY2437

Need help? Contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!


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  • Keia Blake

    wow I would have never thought to rewire something like this! I can be pretty handy but wiring honestly intimidates me. You made this seem so easy though! Thank you for sharing 😀
    oh and I found you via Delia’s Blog Traffic Challenge!

    • CherTexter

      Hi, Keia! Thank you so much! I have a “slight” obsession with light fixtures and rewiring them to use a plug seems to add to it, lol! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  • My husband loves doing these projects. I am so glad he is around! I can figure it out, but I admit I get easily frustrated/distracted. I love your project! Thanks for sharing. :)

    • CherTexter

      Thank you very much! I understand how frustrating it can be – it happens to me all of the time but I try to make it easy! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Jo Birley

    Wow, I get nervous around electrical, great job.

    • CherTexter

      Hi, Jo! Trust me, I still get nervous around other electrical projects, to, but rewiring a light fixture is a piece of cake! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza

    Hubby just did this type of work for our office last week. I can’t believe I’m reading about it on your post today, haha!

    I admire you for the projects you create, Cher!

    • CherTexter

      Hi, Delia! Thank you so much! I have a very “slight” obsession with light fixtures! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Neither hubby or I are handy. Almost all our kids are. We call one of them to change the batteries in the smoke detector because we can’t get it closed properly. I’m very impressed by your skills and interest.

    • CherTexter

      Thank you so much, Roslyn! I rely on my kids for electronics related stuff because I am not tech-savvy but when they need a new piece of furniture or need something fixed they call mom! I appreciate you stopping by!