Guy’s Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island

Guy’s Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island

Check this out!! Guy sent me an email mentioning that he was building the Napa Style Inspired American Barnwood Island. I asked him to send photos over so I could see – I’m always wanting to look at the handiwork of others because that is how I get inspired (plus, I get all warm and fuzzy knowing that someone built something from my plans!).

Guy mentioned that his shop is in the woods with no power. He uses a generator to run his tools and kerosene for heat, and moves his lumber from his vehicle to his shop on his ATV – that is all kinds of awesome!

Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island 100_6294

He even drew a cutting diagram which is something I often do myself – 

Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island 100_6295  Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island 100_6297

His cost breakdown for the island:

  • Plywood 2 @ $34
  • Pine boards 7 @ $3.20
  • Screws, glue, and tools were already on hand

He used 1×8 boards and ripped them down to size (because they are cheaper) and he made his own stain using vinegar, rusty nails, and tea bags! So without further adieu, here are photos of his beautiful kitchen island –

 Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island 100_6307

Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island 100_6308

Guy's Fabulous Napa Style Inspired Kitchen Island100_6309

How fabulous is that?? I love this build and am so glad Guy shared it with us! So talented! Here are links to a couple of other projects Guy has built- Teardrop Build and a Dulcimer.

Thank you, Guy! 

Share your fabulous work with me… Send photos to cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com or designsbystudioc {at} gmail {dot} com. I would love to feature your work on DbSC!

Until next time,

Happy Creating!

  • Kristen@ PinkToesAndPowerTools

    It turned out great!

    • CherTexter

      He did an awesome job, didn’t he?? I’m so flattered that the plans worked out!!

  • Guy

    Thank you for the comments and putting up a story……. Now what I am looking to build is a kitchen hutch. I’ve opened about 28 tabs while looking over your list…..I’ve got some ideas in my mind and have started to scratch some ideas on paper….. I recently turned this into that………The original was pressed board that was falling apart. It started out about 5 foot tall and I thought that a grandfather clock needed to stand with more authority so the final is a bit over 7 feet tall. Sadly I can not get the pendulum to swing. Not a big deal as the clock is a battery setup, but it would look nicer if it faked being “real”……..
    Thanks again

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