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Build a Janikka Table

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Let me start off by saying that the inspiration piece for this plan is finished in the most ah-mazing shade of green... I found a match for the paint and added the plans to my "to build" list! However, when I did build the piece, I didn't use the green paint - I used a [...]

Build a Farmhouse Chest

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Farmhouse Chest Copy

Earlier, I posted plans for the Farmhouse Cabinet and today, I'm posting the free plans to build a Farmhouse chest. This would be great "doubled" (omitting the side trim and changing the width of the top) also as I mentioned in the post for the cabinet. I may use both pieces when I remodel my [...]

Build Alan’s Larder Cabinet

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I was contacted by Alan, who lives in Dublin, Ireland (awesome!!) asking if I could create a plan for a Larder cabinet he saw. This is a really cool cabinet! The plans to build Alans's Larder Cabinet feature two upper doors with two larger refrigerator-type doors on the bottom. the bottom area also features two [...]

Build a Fabulous Room Divider

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Room dividers are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to construct and they can be finished in so many different ways: Painted, stained, stenciled, papered, tufted, etc. This particular DIY room divider, has decorative holes cut in it (almost like Swiss cheese!) and can easily be constructed using one sheet of plywood or MDF. [...]