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Build a Pedestal for a Washer & Dryer


I did it... I broke down and bought a new washer and dryer. Admittedly, they were on their last legs [...]

How to Build Corner Kitchen Cabinets

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I was recently asked by a reader if I had plans on the site to build corner kitchen cabinets... I [...]

Build an Easy and Awesome Crate

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Looking for a quick and easy weekend project? I've got just the project for you! A multitude of these crates [...]

Easy to Build Single Laundry Pedestals


Previously, I posted plans to build a laundry pedestal, so how about plans for single pedestals? The DIY plans to [...]

Easy to Make Desk Set for Organization


This post contains affiliate links. What that means is if a link is clicked and a purchase made, I will [...]

New Plans for Fabulous Space-Saving Cabinet


This cabinet is a really neat option for any space... As a single cabinet, it is perfect as a media [...]