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An Easy to Build Lamp for Any Space


This is definitely one of the easiest projects to build - ever! The DIY plans to build a Rustic Cantilevered [...]

Directional Framed Chalkboard for the Power Tool Challenge


This month's project for the Power Tool Challenge is something Fall-ish... It is so hard to believe that Fall is [...]

Unique Bookends That Are Easy to Make


During the first Power Tool Challenge, I got together with fellow bloggers to create a project using one power tool [...]

Easy to Build Storage for a Bedroom

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When I built my daughter's new bed, I promised to make more storage in her room, as well. The DIY [...]

Make a Custom Expanding Rack with Pretty Hardware

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This type of expanding rack has been used in homes forever and for organizing so many things! I'm going to share how [...]

An Easy to Build Curved Leg Footstool


Yes, I named this footstool plan "Pi" because I think it looks like the mathematical symbol! The DIY plans to [...]