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A New Kitchen Faucet With a Built-In Water Filter


Do you ever consider the purity of the drinking water in your home? I have no clue what of the "purity" of [...]

Adding a Glass Panel to a Door


I live in a manufactured (or mobile) home. Though it is built with a wood frame, it still has the [...]

An Easy to Make Extension for a TV Antenna


I have jumped on the "cut the cable cord" bandwagon and now use an indoor/outdoor antenna to pick up digital TV signals. [...]

Keeping the Attic Cool with an Electric Vent


Several years ago, we installed an electric roof vent where an old plastic roof vent used to be. Let me [...]

Cutting Trim with a Miter Saw


Please make sure to use safe cutting practices when using a miter saw, and make sure you are wearing adequate [...]

Build an Outdoor Sink (Part Three) – Installing the Drain

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It has been a year since I built the outdoor sink and connected the faucet for it. I am crazy [...]