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A Guide to Filling Pocket Holes – What Works and What Doesn’t With Stain

The Kreg jig is one of the very best tools a DIYer can have in the toolbox. Honestly, I am horrible at other types of joinery so this tool is definitely made for me!

There are several ways to fill the holes (and this applies to countersunk holes, also) – Use a dowel and flush cut it, use wood filler, use Dry-Dex (a type of joint compound), or paintable caulk. I have used each and every one of those methods and they all work great when using paint on the finished project. I really wanted to know how each would work with stain. So, I decided I would experiment…

I started by filling each of the holes with a different type of filler and let them dry.


Then I stained the entire board and all four pocket holes.


As you can see, the dowel took the stain pretty well. The Dry-Dex took a little stain, the paintable caulk didn’t take it at all, and the wood filler did pretty well. (I already knew the caulk wouldn’t take it but I thought I’d try, right?)


So I guess the dowel will be the winner…

Until next time,

Happy Creating!


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