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May 2012


A Cute Top with Smocked Fabric

– Posted in: Clothing, Crafts, Projects, Sew
SANY0781 copy

Smocked fabric by the yard is very popular... It is so easy to purchase it, make a seam, and voila - a cute little dress or top. The downside is that these fabrics are expensive and sometimes the selection isn't that great but it really isn't that hard to create your own! Let me show [...]

Make a Lamp from a Wine Bottle

– Posted in: Bottles, Projects

This is not the typical 70s wine bottle lamp… There are tons of awesome liquor bottles out there, not that I’m in the habit of hanging out at the liquor store (really, I’m not), but the few times I’ve been, I’ve been amazed at the different styles, shapes, and colors. This particular wine bottle is [...]

Spray Paint Transformations…

– Posted in: Home Improvement, Painting, Projects
Buddha's Makeover

Aaah, spray paint... I truly love it. What other product is there that is inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors/finishes, and can transform virtually anything it coats? I do have my favorites (I am a frequent stalker on Rust-Oleum's Facebook page!) and have quite a collection of cans in every color imaginable! To me, [...]